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New Year, Old Regrets

*Please Note: This was an oracle card reading I completed for the end of December and intended to solely send out as a collective energy newsletter. However, I neglected to take a picture of the cards when I did the reading and now do not remember what they were. Nonetheless, I was guided to share the message anyway, which is why it is posted here. God Bless!*

The god Shawn Corey Carter told us that in order to survive, you have to learn to live with regrets.

And that’s the case here. This time of year, at least once Christmas passes... there’s usually a self-reflective energy permeating the collective. Through the end of December you may find yourself looking back on people, situations or choices that you’re not the happiest with. Whether or not you’re the new year, new me type or if you believe in the power of vision boards... there is certainly an opportunity for you to take inventory of your year and move forward accordingly, to turn over a new leaf, to transform yourself and your experience, and to figure out how to press forward in a kind, compassionate, fulfilling way despite any regrets you have. This may be in regard to something you were passionate about or looking forward to that just didn’t pan out the way you hoped or expected. You might be looking back thinking that you f’d up a huge opportunity. Or just missed out on an opportunity all together because you didn’t trust it, weren’t prepared for it, or straight up declined to accept it. And this could be weighing quite heavily on you.

If there are times when you find yourself alone or less social than usual (by choice or force), know that this is intentional by design. Not as a punishment but to allow you the opportunity to go through your process fully. There is a fertile, abundant energy present in the upcoming year that God/The Divine/Spirit/Source is trying to make sure you’re prepared to receive in full. So embrace the time and space that is set aside for you to get grounded and focused about the practical ways for you to do so in all areas of your life. Integrate your lessons and start planning for how you will move forward. Ground yourself. Refocus. Release the clutter and any thing unnecessarily holding you back. The chains have been broken and you are free. When will you decide to drop the dead weight and fly?

The planning is an integral part of maximizing your growth and success so lean all the way in to it. Many times people want to skip forward to the next thing without taking the time to study, plan and execute strategically. However, skipping steps now would be unwise. Not to mention, this is the season where inner work is done, ground work is completed and stable foundations are laid. Surrender to the ebb and flow accordingly.

On the flip side, I’m seeing that you may be holding on to too much, waiting and wondering when your new abundance would make its way in. However the only blockage is that there’s not enough space for it. It’s time to get moving and clean house mentally, emotionally, physically, and energetically.

Regret is not a marker of failure. A loss ain’t a loss, it’s a lesson. Again, Shawn Carter with the gospel.

The main lessons for you to take from 2019:

  • Trust that the divine is always present and working.

  • Always accept divine redirection.

  • Trust that whatever blessing spirit has put on your heart and set aside as yours... it is indeed yours.

  • Spirit loves you too much to leave you out in the cold miserable and suffering. That is never God’s intention for you and there is always hope and grace available to you in abundance.

  • God recognizes and respects your passion and wants to provide you opportunities to capitalize on them and increase your territory, but you have to be ready so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes. If you truly want to see success in this area, commit yourself to doing the work that is necessary to call that success in.

  • Unconditional love and support. Commitment. Find it in spirit. Develop it with yourself. And your external environment will reflect this.

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