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The Voice

Everyone else's expectations. What society says is right or wrong. What you've been raised to believe. Your past. Your fears. Your pain. Your insecurities. Trauma.

All of these things make up the noise. Sometimes the noise is so loud we think it's us. To our detriment We allow the noise to take over our thoughts and become our identity.

But you have an internal guide that is always aligned with your highest and greatest good.

It may start soft and small. But it is always there. It speaks clearly and directly to you.

You always hear it, even if just for a split second.

Sometimes you disregard it and other times you hear it clear but the noise is overpowering. Nonetheless, the existence of the inner voice never goes away.

Tune into it. Feed it. Affirm it. Appreciate it. Help it grow louder than the noise so much so that the noise becomes weak

If you aren’t sure how this applies to your life and you want some practical examples of how to work on developing your inner voice, send an email to to inquire about a coaching session.

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