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Let Your Leopard Show

During my morning meditations I saw an image of a mountain side. And as I looked at the rocks I became aware that there was actually a beautiful, majestic leopard that had blended in. Very similar to a picture that was floating around on social media a little while ago.

This got me to thinking about illusions.

Specifically, the ones we perpetrate to mask ourselves. Both to “protect” ourselves AND to make others feel comfortable around us. This is a common practice in society today. But does it really help?

Going through life, masking yourself. Bending and shifting to make others feel comfortable. While at the same time feeling confused.. about who you are, what you want from life or what you’re here for. Or feeling sad, because you give so much without those offerings being reciprocated. Feeling resentful because your needs and desires are consistently unmet. Or maybe even believing that you are safe from pain, betrayal and heartbreak only to feel lonely and isolated, wondering if you’ll ever experience love or meaningful companionship (platonic or romantic).

God is challenging you today to break away from illusions.

You’re being presented with an opportunity to bask in your authenticity. To allow people to SEE you. To actually see and know yourself.

I know... it’s not easy. But what if it was?

What would be different? How would your life change if you took every step in every moment as your authentic self? What would you accomplish?

Once you have answers to those questions, hold the vision of that reality in your mind... and pretend for a day that it’s real. For 1 day, act as if allowing people to see you is easy. Act as though you believe your vulnerability empowers you.

I am not minimizing the structures and mechanisms that exist throughout our society from micro (individual) to macro (systemic) levels. Rejection. Oppression. Marginalization. Manipulation. Exploitation. All valid concerns that come with the idea of being authentic. Spirit is not trying to expose you to harm or danger. God wants you to be protected so that you may flourish and contribute to the collective as your whole self. That can only happen when your whole self is present. Spirit intends to provide spaces that are nurturing and accepting in order for you to remain safe in your authenticity. All that’s needed now is for you to take the steps and do the work to make your authentic self available.

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