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Expansion Series: Part Two -- Create Something

My tag line “#CreateTheLifeYouWant” is very important for me and the work that I do because creativity is such a strong ability that so many people need help recognizing. Too often, people associate creativity with traditional forms of artistic expression and thus doubt their own ability to create. However, to create simply means to bring something into existence. The essence of creating is simply making something. The what is irrelevant.

As we are all made in the image of God or reflect the divine universal source from which we come... the power of creation is innate to our human existence. This is true for every single person walking this earth. (Yes, this includes YOU!) You are a creative being and you have the power to create whatever you can conceive in your mind.

Why is this important for you to know going into 2018???

In order to really take advantage of the energy 2018 is bringing, you’re gonna need to tap into your creativity. Having dreams, goals, and passions are all expressions of your creativity... or your desire to MAKE things happen. Spend some time getting to know your unique brand of creativity so that you can start building art on your life canvas. 2018 is wide open for you to come alive and expand far beyond where you are now. Whether or not you experience this shift will depend on how you embrace and utilize your creative powers.

Want to be more creative but you’re still not sure where to start?? Schedule a Self Actualization Coaching Session to help identify what creativity means for you! For more info on coaching sessions click here

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