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Expansion Series Part Four: Unblock Yourself

So far in this expansion series I've addressed using your gifts to create the life you want... and I know what you're thinking...


And trust me, I get it. A lot of people have difficulty understanding how they have the ability to create the life they want due to the many clear and present obstacles and restrictions. But if you don't get anything out of this whole expansion series, the main thing to know is that your ability to create is greater than anything that tries to stop you from doing so.

Now I am not saying that obstacles in the physical realm aren’t valid or societal and worldly structures aren’t real and extremely problematic. But what I AM saying is that they have no power over you once you decide to get in alignment and walk in your purpose. And the key to unlocking a purposeful, fulfilling life is not only believing this but embodying it.

So what does this mean for you? How do you start to move in a way that aligns with fact that your creative potential is limitless?

If your unique gifts aren't enough reassurance, then remind yourself that as you are walking in alignment with your purpose, what you need to complete the journey will flow to you. No one has to understand your idea or the mechanisms and blueprints for it may not even exist yet. There may even be people who are in direct opposition to you, your idea, or both. But the presence of challenges do not render your goal impossible. As you are architect of building you're idea on this physical Earth plane, you have to know and trust that every material you need to complete the task, be it a team of supportive or likeminded individuals, capital, influence, the perfect timing.. whatever, you will have it.

Also, it is important to keep in mind that your purpose is directly connected to the greater good of everyone. You walking in your purpose can be the catalyst to destroying the forces that challenged your progress. And all of the work you do in pushing past those challenges establishes the foundation for others to follow and build upon in the future. This makes it even more important that you follow through on your part and stop blocking your own progress.

Just to make this a little more concrete... think about our current technological advances.

Hundreds of years ago you probably could have never convinced people that music can be made on a single, wireless, handheld device and then distributed to the world in seconds through invisible lines of communication. But alas, here we are, making hit songs on smart phones and tablets and streaming all around the world. And the qualities of today's internet and electronics weren't developed from one person's perspective. They have been built upon and improved over time. Can you imagine where we'd be if the individual who had the first idea about worldwide connectivity said "Nah this is ridiculously impossible."

Going into 2018, it is imperative that you release the mindset of being limited. Understanding the realness of your idea’s existence means ignoring all of the blocks and limitations that you currently perceive in the physical world.

Know that everything seen comes from the unseen. That every tangible item, every experience that exists in our physical world started in someone’s mind as an idea. And allow that to be your fuel to use your creativity and put your gifts to work to bring your ideas to life.

Use the following Affirmations as regular reminders that your creative potential is limitless:

"I trust that once a seed is planted in me, everything I need to bring it to fruition will be provided."

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