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Anytime you create a space in your life, it is important to actively maintain it. This applies to physical, mental, emotional and relational spaces. If you are clearing out or releasing something, be sure to fill the void you create with what you want to be there. So if you are releasing a bad habit, be sure to develop habits that serve you better. If you are clearing out negative energy, include something that restores positive energy. If you are letting go of unhealthy thought patterns then add in some affirmations to re-establish healthier thinking But be careful.. because maintain does not always mean FILL.

Sometimes the space is meant to stay empty. Whether you don’t know what you want to be there, what you want does not seem to be readily available, or even if you’re just uncomfortable with the void existing because you didn’t create it intentionally... In these cases the active maintenance would be resisting the urge to fill that space with things that aren’t supposed to be there. (Stay single, turn that wack ass job offer down, if you know you don’t really need it then don’t buy it.) Stay patient and in the right time, what is meant to fill the space will come.

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