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Tarot & Oracle Coaching Session

Christine is awesome and truly has a special gift. Without telling her a single word about my situation, she has given me the advice that I need to live a happy, self-fulfilling life. Everything that she has told me has been a necessity for me in order to change my ways of thinking. I am so grateful for the insight that she has provided for me thus far!


Products & Services Used:

Tarot & Oracle


I have been using the Life Manifesting health exercises for 67 days now. Since starting I've been able to create a more productive lifestyle filled with fun and enjoyment. Which stems from freedom of the everyday stressors like, running late, having an endless to do list, feeling overwhelmed and not productive. Life Manifesting morning exercises where key for me making a change from a stressed out male in his 20's to a productive male reaching his goals daily.


Products & Services Used:

Tarot & Oracle 

I want to personally acknowledge the gift and wisdom of It's one thing to say what you will do but learning how to implement the thoughts into practices makes a difference. I will continually recommend this to anyone who needs assistance with growth and evolution.


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Christine did a good job at challenging me and my thought process. I had to learn you can't do anything with a negative attitude and she helped me do that.She always had a positive outlook and didn't put a lot of limitations on herself. I was able to take some of that mentality and apply it to my journey. She helped spark that. One question she asked me that stood out was "What do you think you're good at." That question helped me create my business and create something of value to me.

-Nathon Brooks

Creator of Rebel Bred Clothing

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