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Exercises are crafted to help you build a positive, abundance centered mindset, realize your individual power and harness tools that will facilitate the creation of the life you want to live.



How do your thoughts, words and actions align with the life you want to live? Use this short exercise to examine how your social media behavior may be blocking your abundance. Work through a strategy to transform your manifestations to work toward creating the life you want to live.

This 7-step exercise will help you to heal painful experiences and identify lessons that will serve as the blueprint to manifesting a life of abundance. Includes full exercise and example sheet. Available in audio and print.

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Self care is more than spa dates and spending splurges. Use this holistic template to identify what your needs are and specific self-care practices you can use to make sure that your needs met on a regular basis. 

If you would like guidance on how to use the template or feel stuck on some of the areas, a Self-Actualization Coaching session may help you figure it out. See the detailed service description HERE


I'm sure you've read that one of the things highly successful people have in common is that they have a morning routine. This gratitude  centered meditation will help you to start your day with a full heart and positive attitude.

Are you matching your thoughts, words and actions with the life you want to live? Use this short exercise to examine how your social media behavior may be blocking your abundance.


This exercise engages the beauty and serenity of nature to allow you to get back grounded and centered when life gets chaotic and overwhelming,

If you want to create a new life you're going to have to give up the old one. This exercise combines spiritual elements with proven cognitive behavioral methods to help you cut some of your most stubborn habits off at the root.

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DISCLAIMER:  These exercises are tools for spiritual and mental growth. This service is provided with no stated or implied guarantees. These exercises should not be used as a substitute for professional, legal, financial, medical or psychiatric advice and/or treatment. I do not purport or imply to be operating this service as a licensed professional. Please seek the advice of a trained/licensed mental and/or medical health provider about any health related concerns. Any decision you make or action you take based on information you obtain on LifeManifesting.com or through it's owner/operator is done of your own free will. By accessing any of the exercises provided by Life Manifesting you thereby agree to release Life Manifesting and it's owner/operator of ANY AND ALL liability resulting from the use or misuse of information obtained here for any reason.