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The Secret to the Glow Up

People will say that they grind grind grind and *Poof* the level up came. This narrative, although it is not necessarily false, leaves out a very important piece of the glow up process and can make people feel like success just isn’t in the cards for them. The perception that every time you start to get ahead you hit a wall or you get knocked backward can be completely demoralizing. But instead of looking at these situations as a blockage, understand that they are in fact a gateway.

In her book Sacred Contracts, Carolyn Myss explains:

“..every time we enter a new sphere of power… we are given a ‘test’ to see how we will manage the influx of yet another level of earthly power into our lives.”

Power can be money, status, a degree, a job, a promotion... really any opportunity that is not only a step up from your current reality but a track to even greater advancements that you previously never had access to. In order to grow you to meet the demands and the benefits associated with your advancement, God(dess)/the universe/source will push you to the absolute edge of your boundaries. Whether or not you actually move forward and receive the expansion you are tip toeing on depends on your ability to prove that you are able and willing to handle everything that comes with your new level of life and success.

So, during this time, you may find yourself faced with one or multiple challenges that almost exceed your capability to sustain yourself. People and circumstances that may seem like a blockage on your path are actually present to make it particularly clear what is required of you to move forward. You may be grinding on the regular and reach a point where things get extremely difficult and you feel like you are stretched to the max. You may experience issues related to your family, finances, friends and/or romantic life that are especially taxing at a time when you need to be focused and locked in on critical tasks. No matter the nature of your challenge, it serves to pinpoint the specific skills you need to master in order to be able to navigate your next level up.

This may mean that there is internal/emotional work that you need to do, thoughts, behaviors and habits that you need to adjust, or actions that you’ve been dragging your feet on that you need to execute. You may have already acquired all of the skills and done all of the work that is necessary to push past this phase, and the challenge is your chance to show that you can integrate that information and apply it to you real life situation. You may also need to prove that you can stay focused and consistent should you be elevated into a higher space.

These are all aspects of your life that can come to a head when it is time for you to level up. So, if you feel like you are right on the edge of a breakthrough or if you feel like despite your hard work you are still remaining in a state of stagnancy, ask yourself: Where am I being tested or stretched? What am I ignoring or neglecting?

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