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GIVE UP THE GRIND! : Completely Transform Your Life With One Simple Trick

In today's society, many people believe that success requires relentless grinding and long-suffering. The ever-pervasive hustle and grind mentality is detrimental to everyone but for black people especially. Black men are encouraged to constantly grind hard with minimal emphasis on behaviors and choices that lead to their overall mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and relational well-being. Black women are socialized to tolerate struggle with smiles and to take pride in their ability to persevere while constantly neglecting their own needs and desires.

It is important for us to reframe this ideology in a way then enables us to thrive. We as a culture need to realize that it is possible to move through life while having all of your needs met and experiencing success without the stress and hardship that comes with the grind and struggle model that we’ve clung to for so long.

How can you access a life of abundance without grinding for it, you ask?? By being in alignment.


Alignment is knowing who you are, what you need to achieve, what gifts you have and how all those things work in harmony with one another to fulfill your purpose. To realize the answers to these questions you'll have to dig deep and excavate some things from within yourself in order to get out of your own way. And contrary to what we are told about finding solutions to our issues, it requires very little thinking. Intention, yes. Thoroughness, of course. Commitment, absolutely. But spending countless hours trying to forcefully connect the dots... is a no.

Once you make the decision, for example, to realize how your gifts relate to your purpose in a way that generates income. You then move everyday with that decision, or intention in mind. Opening yourself up to receive the answer and trusting that it will come to you in perfect time. That, is what it means to be in alignment.

If you feel like you are constantly hitting a wall, taking 2 steps forward and ten steps back. Or no matter what you do things just don’t pan out, then there is a good chance you're out of alignment. And that may not even mean that your goal is incorrect but that your methods of achieving it are. Struggle and suffering have no place in the aligned life experience. Now I'm not saying that nothing bad will happen or that you will receive everything you want, as there will always be lessons you need to learn. But you will not remain in a constant state of fighting to make things happen for yourself. When you are properly aligned, what is yours flows to you.


It takes effort and discipline to get and stay in alignment. Your intuition, the small voice inside of you, will serve as your compass. You know what small voice I’m talking about. The one that tells you "just let it go" before you snap and curse somebody out. The one that tells you “don’t waste your energy” just before you do something petty. The one that tells you “don’t do it, you’re gonna upset yourself” before you go peeping on that person’s social media. YOU KNOW YOUR SMALL VOICE! It is often quick and quiet, but it is always there. The more you tune into it, the better you will be at keeping yourself in alignment.

Now, you will need to continuously exert some effort on your journey. Like when you need to remind yourself to stay open to receive the answers you need or when you have to let go of whatever preconceived notion you have about what your answers should look like. Allowing yourself to relax and have faith that you will get whatever guidance or provision that you need in perfect time. Particularly when you have to remember to trust your own intuition and ignore the distractions and all the outside noise from everything and everyone else telling you that you're doing it wrong or going in the wrong direction. And even more when you work to not internalize any of those messages or block your own damn blessings.

Like I said, not always easy but it really is as simple as getting in line to allow things to happen for you. This doesn’t mean sit back and wait but it does mean release the idea that success requires strife and hardship. Let go of the idea that you HAVE TO grind yourself into the ground to “make it”. Embrace the fact that you can put in the work to reach your fullest potential without carrying the weight of always struggling, and fighting to do so.

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