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How to Boost Your Exercises

The various exercises on are built using a combination of therapeutic and spiritual methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy, breathing techniques, visualization and meditation, to name a few. The purpose of this is to help you go deeper into yourself to truly discover your power to create the life you want and to help remove different blockages that stand in the way of you fully accessing that power. Some of the exercises are more involved than others but there are some basic things you should keep in mind for all of them. Utilize these 5 boosters in order to get the best results when doing your exercises


1. Intention - stay focused on why you are doing the exercise. You are practicing tools that will

enable you to create the life you want.

2. Don't Quit - if you miss a day or one day doesn't go particularly well, keep pushing. Just like physical exercise, you won't see results after your first few gym visits. Again.. intentions. Practice your tools. A day that doesn't go well is just an opportunity to dismantle your ego, examine and refine your skills.

3. D.I.(B).Y. - do it by yourself. There is nothing wrong with having a friend or even a tribe of people to hold you accountable. However, YOU have to do YOUR work. Once again... INTENTION. You're getting to know yourself and coming in to YOUR OWN power. Don't get distracted by feeling as though you need a partner. That's your ego holding you back from being completely surrendered to the process.

4. Make Adjustments as Necessary - think of these exercises as templates. Starting out they may work well for you as is, but after you get into the work you may realize that your needs require the exercises to be tweaked. If you feel more grounded at the beach or a lake than a wooded area, feel free to do your walk there. If you want to add candles or incense to your morning ritual then do it. I personally have a yoga sequence and prayer as a part of that morning ritual. The point is... ONCE MORE.. intention! You are learning yourself. If you discover that something works better for you then DO THAT. As long as you keep the components of the exercises that are essential to their purpose. For example, don't skip out on journaling as it is a major piece of learning to be introspective. But if you prefer a voice journal over writing, then it's fine to make that adjustment.

5. Stay Committed - know that the work does not stop when the exercise is over. One last time... INTENTION! The purpose of the exercises is to teach you tools and help you to practice them. To experience the best results you have to keep utilizing the tools outside of the exercise because although the challenges may look different, this work never stops.

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