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3 Keys to Living Positive Vibes Only

"Positive Vibes Only" has been an increasingly popular mantra as of late but some people view this as unrealistic. Naysayers tend to believe that the only way to experience this state of mind is to ignore anything that doesn't make you happy in the moment. But contrarily, it is possible to reach this state authentically. How can you maintain a joyful positive energy with all the chaos happening in the world? Read below to find out what 3 choices you can make to be sure your vibes are always positive.

1. Smile -- Smile more. At people. At things. When you're sitting alone. When you're not in a great mood and need a pick me up. Many studies have shown that the physical act of smiling increases pleasure hormones in the brain, meaning that smiling alone can make you happier. These studies have even found that smiling while you experience pain can actually reduce the level of pain you feel. How can you smile while in pain or when things are not going well? Move on to number 2...

2. Gratitude! -- Always give thanks. For everything. Resist the urge to complain about anything! *see gratitude journal challenge* You do not have to be delusional to be grateful either. If you are alive, you have something to be grateful for. What you seek you will find and your thoughts become things. If you seek things to be grateful for, you will find them. However if you are always thinking of what you're not grateful for (complaining), then those are the things you will experience.

3. Regular Self Care -- You should be doing something with the specific intention of taking care of yourself each and everyday. Self care does not always need to be a day at the spa or a vacation. It can be as simple as making sure you get time to eat or having quiet time alone. Just be mindful about taking time to meet your own needs everyday. On some days those needs may be greater than others but there should never be a night that you go to bed feeling depleted.

On some days it will be much more challenging to maintain your positive energy than others. There will always be things that happen that are outside of your control. However, these 3 keys are always available for you to utilize to keep your positive energy flowing.

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