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Through my intuitive capabilities, I provide insights and clarity using tarot & oracle cards as the tool for communication.

Collective Energy Readings

Personal Readings


Information & Guidelines

Info & Guidelines

Collective Energy Readings

The purpose of collective energy readings is to explore universal energetic influences and to provide guidance on how to best navigate these energies. In order to complete these readings,I focus on overall themes that people are experiencing with the intention that the message resonates with as many individuals receiving the collective reading as possible. These readings are typically general though I may occasionally discuss details that spirit provides me, as there may be someone receiving the reading who needs those details as confirmation. The absence of details that are specific to you/your situation does not negate any information that does resonate with you. The level to which the reading may resonate with any one individual will vary and it is possible that a collective reading may not resonate with you at all. That is okay and that is one of the reasons I offer personal readings for those who seek individualized insights for their specific situation. It is also possible that the reading may apply in reverse with you on the receiving end of someone experiencing these energies, or the reading may apply to people close to/energetically connected to you that you need to be aware of, as opposed to you directly. 

 All readings, both collective and personal, are meant to be confirmation and are never intended to override or substitute your own inner guidance. Always utilize your discernment and pray/meditate on insights provided in readings to validate any information or guidance that is discussed. I cleanse and pray over myself and the tools I use for readings. I also pray over the space that I create when I do and share the readings and I pray over whomever receives the readings as well. When a collective energy reading resonates with you, please remember to give thanks to God/Spirit/Source/The Divine, your ancestors and your guides (even if you are unsure of who they are) for the clarity and insight you receive.  

Collective energy reading videos will be shared on a monthly basis and may be viewed under Media. Additionally, I will share written collective energy readings once or twice a month via email. You may sign up for those HERE

Please do keep in mind that any specific date listed on a reading serves the sole purpose of allowing me to keep track of when they are posted. Do not be deterred from engaging a reading simply because of the date/time frame it was shared. Whenever you are guided toward a specific reading is when you are meant to receive it. 

Personal Readings

I offer a number of personal readings that vary in content and complexity. These readings allow for a more in depth exploration of the issues you are seeking clarity on. I ask that when you purchase a reading, you have specific questions in mind that you would like insight on. This will assist me in providing a concise reading. I do NOT need for you to send me the question or any details about the circumstances surrounding your question. In efforts to respect the energetic boundaries of others, your question should only pertain to you, as questions specifically focused on the content of interpersonal relationships requires me to tap into a person's energy who is not actively seeking or agreeing for me to do so. Please see the FAQ's section for information on framing questions around issues that involve relationships.

Readings will only be provided if the energy around doing so is permissive and I reserve the right to refuse service for any reason. If your question does not meet the boundaries expressed above, this can prevent me from completing your reading. Additionally, if for any reason I feel guided not to read you (insights can be harmful or the provision of information is not in your best interest), I will not complete the reading and I will share with you as much information about why as appropriate. If, for any reason a reading is purchased and cannot be performed, payment will be returned in full. 

For any additional questions or concerns not discussed here or in the FAQ, please email

Collctive Energy
Personal Readings

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ-Oracle v Tarot


Are oracle cards the same as tarot cards?

Oracle cards differ from Tarot cards as they do not have the history or prescribed structure, as the content of oracle cards will differ between decks. However, both Oracle and Tarot cards illustrate energies and circumstances that exist and can be interpreted (or read) intuitively. I utilize both Tarot and Oracle cards in my readings. A reading may be a mixture of both or only one of the two. This does not have any impact on the intensity, quality, or accuracy of the reading. The decks I use in any particular reading are those that I intuitively feel will most accurately address the questions being explored. 


Are you a psychic/fortune teller?

Neither are terms I use to describe myself or my spiritual gifts. I am intuitive. That simply means that I am connected to the divine (God/Spirit/Source) in a way that allows me to receive and communicate messages.


I must say that we all have an inner voice that is a direct connection to the divine. Though they may look differently from person to person, we all have spiritual gifts that we are able to access freely if we take the time and make the effort to do so. It is my intention that the services I offer (readings, coaching, exercises, etc.) help you clear out the noise that blocks your inner voice so that you may foster your own connection to the divine, advancing  your spiritual healing and the healing of the collective society.


Telling the future is not the focus of my practice and you should always keep in mind that free will can change the course of any reading you receive, because the choices you make will always have a significant influence over the outcome of any situation.


How should I frame my question?

Questions should be open ended (starting with what or how), instead of rigid yes or no questions. Questions should be about you and you only. The question should be  as clear as possible. You do NOT need to send me your question, but you should have a clear question in your mind when you purchase the reading. Not doing so may delay your reading or restrict me from being able to complete your reading altogether. Lacking clear questions could be a sign of resistance and as I said above, I only do readings if the energy is permissive. 


If you don’t have a specific question that you absolutely need clarity on but are interested in receiving a general reading, a good, general question to use is "What do I most need to know right now?"


Can you read for someone else in my life or answer questions about my relationship?

I do not provide relationship readings. Intentionally reading the energy/intentions of outside parties is not a part of my practice. I prefer to focus my readings on what you can do for/how you can better yourself, as your relationship with yourself is the most important and foundational to all of your other relationships in life. My intention for the readings is to provide information that guides you in your own process of self-discovery, growth, healing, and empowerment. The best way to do that is to focus my readings on your energy alone. And as you put the information into practice, the choices/decisions you make in your relationship/career/etc. tend to become clearer.


You may find some readers who are okay with providing relationship readings and that is their choice. My personal and professional preference is for my readings to be focused solely around the energy of the 1 individual seeking the reading.


What if my relationship is my biggest concern that I need clarity on?

You will need to reframe the question in a way that is centered around you. An example of this is: How can I best honor myself with respect to my relationship with “X”? This question generally (not always) yields an adequate, individually focused response that does not require me to tap into the energy of an outside party. Again, if for any reason my gut instinct tells me not to do a reading, I will not do it. A common reason that I have gotten the urge to reject a personal reading is because the individual was seeking answers with regards to a relationship and not focused on themselves. So please keep that in mind.


I see that you provide lunar (moon) cycle readings, do you also do horoscopes and/or birth charts?

I am not an astrologer. I incorporate these themed readings into my practice as a means of honoring natural (lunar) cycles and the energy they provide/enhance as this has been helpful for my personal spiritual growth. I do not read birth charts, provide horoscopes, or provide any other astrological services. However, if this is a service you are interested in, I can provide suggestions on who to look into. I can also provide suggestions for other spiritual services (numerology, workings, crystals, etc.) that I do not provide.  


How can I contact you if I have any other questions or concerns about purchasing a reading or if I want to follow up on a reading I have already received?

Feel free to email with any additional questions or concerns that are not already addressed in the Information, Guidelines and/or FAQs.

FAQ-reading others
FAQ-reframe rship ?

DISCLAIMER: Information provided for or obtained through a reading is kept confidential. Clients may opt to submit a testimonial with their name, initials, location, professional affiliations or any other identifying or personal information. Purchasing a reading does not guarantee a reading will be provided. and/or its owner/operator reserves the right to refuse service for any reason. If a reading is paid for and cannot be provided, payment will be refunded.This service is provided for entertainment purposes ONLY and there are no stated or implied guarantees. Advice and/or information provided by or through its owner/operator should not be used as a substitute for professional, legal, financial, medical or psychiatric advice and/or treatment. Any decision you make or action you take based on information you obtain on or through it's owner/operator is done of your own free will. By booking a reading from you agree to release Life Manifesting and it's owner/operator of ANY AND ALL liability resulting from the use or misuse of information obtained here for any reason.

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