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Handmade Crystal Jewelry

Wire-wrapped jewelry is a fashionable way to utilize the healing properties of crystals. Jewelry can be made to compliment information given during a coaching session or as a standalone purchase. All pieces from Life Manifesting are handmade and created in a serene environment. Purchases include a guide on crystal use and care.  Browse the collection of handmade, wire-wrapped crystal jewelry in the gallery below.

Red Tiger's Eye
Fuschite Adjustable Bangle
Amethyst Adjustable Bangle
Amethyst Adjustable Bangle
Citrine Point Necklace
Flourite Adjustable Bangle
Amethyst Adjustable Bangle
Rose Quartz Adjustable Bangle
Citrine Adjustable Bangle

All crystal jewelry pieces from Life Manifesting are handmade, thus no 2 pieces will look exactly alike. Crystal availability varies and custom creations are only available for customers who have received a coaching session where it was determined that crystal healing would be a useful tool. The wire used to create these pieces is not chemically treated to prevent tarnish, however all crystals are cleansed prior to being used to create a jewelry piece and again prior to shipping. All sales are final, there are no refunds are exchanges. Crystals jewelry pieces provided by Life Manifesting are not to be used as a substitute for professional medical and psychiatric care. By purchasing crystal jewelry from Life Manifesting you thereby agree to release Life Manifesting and it's owner/operator of any and all liability resulting for the use or misuse of the product purchased. 

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