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 Lunar Phase Reading



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This oracle card reading focuses on helping you align with the energies present based on the current or upcoming moon phase at time of purchase. (Phases available: New, Waxing, Full) A foundational 3-card spread will be used for this reading. Foundational readings are good for those who are new to spiritual healing practices.


Your reading includes: 

- Brief description of the current/upcoming lunar phase

- Explanation of the spread used

- Photo of cards that are pulled

- Written interpretation of all cards pulled 


All readings will be provided via email within 3-7 days of purchase.

DISCLAIMER:  Information provided for or obtained through an oracle card reading is kept confidential. Clients may opt to submit a testimonial with their name, initials, location, professional affiliations or any other identifying or personal information. Purchasing a reading does not guarantee a reading will be provided. and/or its owner/operator reserves the right to refuse service for any reason. If a reading is paid for and cannot be provided, payment will be refunded.This service is provided for entertainment purposes ONLY and there are no stated or implied guarantees. Advice and/or information provided by or through its owner/operator should not be used as a substitute for professional, legal, financial, medical or psychiatric advice and/or treatment. Any decision you make or action you take based on information you obtain on or through it's owner/operator is done of your own free will. By agreeing to submit a question/concern to Life Manifesting you thereby agree to release Life Manifesting and it's owner/operator of ANY AND ALL liability resulting from the use or misuse of information obtained here for any reason.

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