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Booking Terms & Conditions

Readings will only be provided if the energy around doing so is permissive. Purchasing a reading does not guarantee a reading will be provided. and/or its owner/operator reserve the right to refuse service for any reason. If a reading is paid for and cannot be provided, payment will be returned in full.


There are no cancelations for recorded readings. To cancel your live reading, please email at least 4 hours in advance. You may email at any time PRIOR to the scheduled start time for the appointment to reschedule your live reading for another open slot. 


If you do not contact us prior to your scheduled start time to cancel or reschedule your reading, you forfeit your full payment. 

All questions should be regarding the individual seeking the reading ONLY. Detailed information or explanation regarding the question(s) you have is not requested or preferred. Information provided for or obtained through a reading is kept confidential. Clients may opt to submit a testimonial with their name, initials, location, professional affiliations or any other identifying or personal information.

This service is provided for entertainment purposes ONLY and there are no stated or implied guarantees. Information provided in readings is not meant to substitute formal health care, mental health treatment, or legal advice. Any decision you make/action you take based on information you obtain through the reading is done of your own free will. By purchasing a reading, you agree to release Life Manifesting and its owner/operator of any and all liability resulting from the use or misuse of information obtained through a reading.


You can find more information regarding the guidelines for readings and FAQs HERE. For any  additional questions or  concerns not addressed in the Information, Guidelines, and FAQs, please email

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