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Whether we are dealing with neighborhood violence or violence at the hands of law enforcement, witnessing harm to black people is a potent, traumatic stressor. Processing and moving through these events is challenging, particularly for youth as they learn the harsh realities of our society. The BCWP is a safe space for Black youth to explore the impact of racial violence on their mental, emotional, and physical well-being as individuals and members of their communities.  

Our Project

The goal of the Black Child Well Project is to empower our youth to live full, healthy, lives amids the stresses of existing in a violent and oppressive society. A team of mental health professionals will guide workshop attendees in discussing social and racial trauma, self care, and what holistic wellness can look like for each individual while building a supportive communal bond with their peers. This project is a collaboration with A Peace of Mind Inc., a non-profit 501c3 organization.

Join Us!

The full 5-hour workshops are designed for youth ages 13 - 17. Topics include:

  • Trauma and grief as it relates to racial violence 

  • Recognizing and communicating mental and emotional needs

  • Self-care and coping

  • Affirming identity 

  • Community building through art

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